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Imperial Issue is dedicated to Star Wars costuming which specializes in making Stormtrooper canvas belts.  Snowtrooper belts, pouches and dusters have recently been added.  Shoretrooper belts are also for sale now.

Canvas Belt Information:

  • A thin strip of plastic runs the entire length of the belt (inside the canvas, between the velcro ends)
  • Fabric is 100% cotton, heavy-duty duck cloth
  • Double-stitched edges to prevent fraying
  • 3 inches wide.  Guaranteed to meet 501st requirements
  • Long velcro sections for secure fastening
  • Your choice of 4 colors (white, off-white, red, black)
  • Instructions included on how to attach it to plastic armor

Why a choice of 4 colors?

  • White is the most common belt color ordered for a Stormtrooper kit.
  • Some costuming enthusiasts believe Off-White belts are more screen accurate.  Some building Sandtrooper costumes prefer the off-white color as well, getting a head start on weathering.  Either white or off-white colors are 501st approved for a Stormtrooper.
  • Black is for the Shadow Stormtrooper.
  • Red is for the Magma Trooper.

Now offering webbed belts for R1 Troopers and Snowtrooper soft armor pieces.


STOP! IMPORTANT!  When you order a belt, the size you select should be your waistline measurement taken with your armor (or duster) on, in inches.  Don’t make the mistake by ordering what you think the total length will be with the added velcro overlap.  We take overlap length into account when making the belts.

If you are between sizes, round up.  It’s better to be a bit longer than too short.


Hold your back kidney and front abdomen pieces in place with painter’s tape to get a good temporary fit so you can measure.  Use a fabric measuring tape.