Snowtrooper duster



*Please understand the pattern I have is limited to size XL which measures Chest 46-48 inches and  Hip 47-49 inches.  I’m unable to make dusters for measurements beyond the pattern’s XL measurements.

This Snowtrooper duster meets and exceeds all 501st requirements.  The duster is made out of polyester fleece material that “pills after wear” (per 501st CRL standard).  It has interior fleece lining the entire lower half of the duster and the added military-style collar. The chest pieces are also fleece lined.

This duster pattern is very complicated to make with all its linings and your custom measurements.  It takes me a couple full days to make and a lot of material which is why it comes with a higher price tag than others might charge.

Your measurements will need to be sent to me after the order is placed for your custom fit.  Please refer to the chart in the photos on the duster product page.

Please watch this YouTube video showing how to measure yourself using the sizing charts attached in the duster’s gallery photos  YouTube duster sizing video

I make every effort to ship it out within 30 days, but please understand that multiple orders might extend the turn-around time.  Feel free to contact me to see if there is a line of other duster orders before your potential order.

This is for the duster only.  Pictures of the Snowtrooper in full armor are used to show how the duster looks with the rest of the costume.

*Please note that I do not sew on the belt loops or the female nickel plated snaps on the upper chest flap.  Those placements can only be determined when you actually wear the duster.  So, there will be some small sewing on your part when you get the duster (easily done by hand).

**Upon request, I can make it in “snow white” fleece for the Snowtrooper Commander version of the costume.  Otherwise the material will be the standard “ivory” fleece for the Snowtrooper

***If you are a larger Snowtrooper and your measurements are larger than the XXL pattern I have, I will ask for an additional $125 fee for extra labor and material.  I will give full refund if you don’t want to pay the extra fee.  Please contact me with measurements prior to ordering if you think you might need a custom pattern made for your larger measurements.  I’ll be happy to let you know.  Thanks.


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